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remix #003 - february + march (lovestruck challenge)

Every month, remixers hosts a "Remix Challenge", which encourages members to step out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves to try something different, under various design constraints. Members are not obligated to sign up with any particular site, but can apply the challenge to anything they want to or may be working on. It's all about practicing and trying new things! At the end of the month we'll round up and see what everyone who chose to take up the challenge came up with.

To give everyone a little bit more time (since last month we ended up quite empty-handed) this Remix will run through February and March. And to be as predictable as possible, we've chosen a lovestruck challenge! With Valentine's Day coming up this February, and White Day coming up in March, the upcoming spring season is the perfect excuse to celebrate love. For this challenge we're leaving it as open to interpretation as we can: interpret the idea of love in one of your designs. Remember that love takes many, many forms, and so do your design skills! Love can, but does not always have to be romantic, nor does it have to be covered in red, pink and hearts! Can you represent love in a way that doesn't reinforce these stereotypes? Don't just consider the subject which you choose to design around--how can your form, graphic treatment, or even your text tell a story about love? Get as creative as you want, and let's see how we can re-design the idea of love here at remixers! ♥

This challenge is very open-ended, but here are our usual guidelines below:
➟ Sign up is not required to take on the challenge! You can apply the challenge to anything you're working on: a full-fledged domain redesign, a simple fanlisting design, or a layout you make just for fun. The design doesn't even need to be coded--if you just want to use the challenges for practice, you're more than welcome to!

➟ Interpret the idea of "love" in your layout(s)! This is open to interpretation, so be creative. Let's see how many different ways and how many different kinds of love we can represent here at Remixers these next two months.

➟ The challenges are by no means "private", so if you're working on a challenge and want some help, feel free to share your work in the Process Posts!

➟ We will post a Submission Post on March 20th, and members will have until March 25th to submit finished work. Work submitted to this post will be included in our roundup post at the end of the month, where we'll take pretty screencaps of everyone's work and display all the awesome stuff people created for the challenge! All entrees will be also featured in a collective post at REMIXERS ❤'s, so get your submission in before the deadline!

➟ Last but not least, have fun! We're looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with. ♥

That's all Remixers! We're giving everyone an extra month this time around, which I think will honestly work out for the best. If you have any questions or concerns about the challenge, feel free to post in the comments and Kula or I will clear it up for you as best we can! Happy February everyone! Kula will be posting about our first REMIXERS ❤'s nominations later this week.
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