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17th-Apr-2012 08:41 pm - remix #003 - challenge complete!
〖MAGI〗Judal ☆

Hello everyone! I'm here with the results of the latest challenge. We're really sorry for such a slow period on the community, but there will be a new post about that so this time let's just enjoy the awesome results of this two month long challenge. Congratulations to everyone who was able to participate and complete our February+March Remix: Lovestruck Challenge. It was really cool to see how every participant interpreted this challenge about love--but without futher ado here are the results!

February+March's love themed layouts!Collapse )

Any opinions, comments or anything related to the works our members presented!? Feel free to add your comment on the post ♥ Congratulations again to the participants, feel free to grab a button if you want to show your Remixers pride or just link the post as you did participate ~

Again, thank you very much for everyone who participated, those were really good results~
6th-Apr-2012 11:52 pm - F*CK YEAH IT'S FRIDAY
〖MAGI〗Judal ☆

Almost saturday here but NEVER FEAR, here is our inspiration friday post ♥

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31st-Mar-2012 09:03 pm - End of the Month Summary ♕ March
ジョジョ / bedhead

What the eff how is it already April? Wasn't it March 1st just like, yesterday?! Anyway, we're really sorry for the crazy weirdness with posts lately. Work has been kicking my ass and my health hasn't been so great either, plus March was both me and Kula's birthday month so we spent it partying instead of worrying about remixers... nobody bothered us about it so I guess you guys were partying too! Never fear though, we'll be rounding up the posts we've missed in the next couple of days. (Which means, yes, if you have a Remix for the challenge and haven't gotten it in yet, you should send it in before the weekend is over and we'll still include it!)

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24th-Mar-2012 01:23 am - F*CK YEAH IT'S FRIDAY
〖MAGI〗Judal ☆

Friday again and that means, inspiration friday ~ A little reminder to everyone that wants to participate on the 3rd remix... there are just 4 days left to submit your sites!

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〖MAGI〗Judal ☆
Hello everyone! I'm here with the One Week Reminder & Submission post for our February + March Remix. Believe it or not it has been almost two months, time sure goes fast. The last day to send in your submission is March 28th, so if you want to be part of the challenge remember to finish the layout(s) and send in a form by then, please!

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17th-Mar-2012 06:12 pm - F*CK YEAH IT'S FRIDAY
〖MAGI〗Judal ☆

First of all I would like to apologize for being a bit slow with the community the past few weeks, they have been pretty hard on both Aku and me but we're ok! So that's why I'm here to bring you a bit delayed inspiration post! ♥

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2nd-Mar-2012 07:44 pm - F*CK YEAH IT'S FRIDAY
〖MAGI〗Judal ☆

Aku will be absent until March 5th so I'll be spamming your friends list bear with it ok ;_; Anyway, guys... IT'S FRIDAY! let's search for inspiration together ♥

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29th-Feb-2012 07:55 pm - End of the Month Summary ♕ February

Hello everyone, I'm here again but this time to bring the maybe most waited? post of the month! February is such a short month compared to others (even if this year it had one more day than usual) so I hope everyone was able to still work on things. It's time to celebrate, it's time to the end of the month summary

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I would like to use this opportunity to let you guys know that we'll be announcing the winners of our first REMIXERS ❤'S once Aku is back (and that would be on the week that starts on March 5th!) thank you very much to everyone who nominated sites!
24th-Feb-2012 08:50 pm - F*CK YEAH IT'S FRIDAY
銀魂 / wo ai ni

It feels like I posted this same exact post MONTHS ago, what a long week! I am so happy for the weekend. And this Friday post! And being inspired by what you all have to share! So, 1, 2, 3, GO!

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17th-Feb-2012 08:19 pm - F*CK YEAH IT'S FRIDAY
ジョジョ / bedhead

Kula told me to write some kind of blurb/introduction/gobbledy goop here but CLEARLY I NEED NO INTRODUCTION! Finally, it's Friday again! Hop to it, kids.

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